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Crystal Cleansing Methods

  1. Take the crystal to the ocean and allow the sea salt water to wash over it and then allow it to charge energize it in the sun with the negative ions naturally occurring at the beach.
  2. Smudge the crystal with sage , sweetgrass, cedar, incense. .This  method of cleansing  has been used for centuries by Native American and Native African and other tribal cultures around the world. 
  3. Soak  the crystal in sea salt  for 7-24 hours rinse with pure water and charge and energize it  in the sun.
  4. Place the crystal in a large crystal cluster or on another mineral which is a specific  energizer for 12-24 hours.
  5. Soak the crystal in saltwater for a duration of from one to seven days this method uses approximately three tablespoons of salt to a cup  of water the water must cover the stones in a glass container with the container where it can receive direct sunlight .
  6. Surround the crystal with a visualized white or golden light intending any present negativity to be transformed  to positive light energy. Concentration must be maintained using this method.
  7. Beam white light from the third eye  and surround the crystal, sweeping away any negativity, again Concentration  and intention must be maintained  using this method.
  8. Cleanse the crystal in flowing spring, river, lake or tap water  and energize  in the sun 24 hours. Water is the universal cleanser .
  9. Soak the crystal in flowers rose petals, orange blossoms, honeysuckle  for 24 hours the essence strips away negativity cleansing the stone while the purity and energy of the flower is transmuted to the stone.
  10. Soak the crystal in brown rice for 24 hours the rice balances  and centers the energies , removing negativity while dissipating  and transforming the negative to positive .
  11. Place the crystal in cool tap water running over it then place the crystal on a full moon night outside to charge it and energize it you can leave stone outside 3 days before 3 days after full moons also.
  12. Using celtic sea salts with all the minerals in place let crystal stay covered in a glass tray for 24 to 72 hours then energize it in sun 24 hours then rinse in cool water then smudge it with sage stating intent for that particular stone or programming it ...

There are several more methods to use for this crystal cleansing these are a few tried and true ones that will help you be sure your crystals are properly working for you with your energy etc..

Note: If you are wearing crystals jewlery and around negative people places things and people are touching it be sure to run some cool waters over it or some other method to maintain your efforts at cleansing it specifically for you...all jewlery will hold energy of others touching it directly or owning it prior ...

Will go into programming crystals next check back here you never know what will be seen or relayed blessings. Namaste'


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