Monthly Horoscopes

Horoscopes for the Month of JULY 2016

Aries: Nothing you do now will fail if you persist and resist that which you find in your way and view as obstacles on your path be determined and stay the course the sun will shine its is not totally in your hands.

Taurus: If you find yourself counting and figuring out how to pay the bills you may be finding you are having trouble balancing the books. Understand that this is coming to be and passing you now and that will not abide in your future . Try something new it brings new energies and from that comes new understanding.

Gemini: The time has come that you establish where you are going and what that will look like in your minds eye staying in the past serves you none be aware that the seed of the new is awaiting the rebirth you seek so tend the crops well water them watch them grow Mecury turns direct very soon your ruling planet

Cancer: If you find yourself in a new romance and are uncertain of its potentials you are already receiving incoming data that you should use to determin the future of this relationship. Often we hear the answer but it is ignored for all the wrong reasons and the logic steps in your way. Be alert to signs omens and new ideas you have

Leo: The leader does not always finish first sometimes even the best will finish last but remember this is a temporary empass that will shed new light on your emotional well being as well as things you can do to help your situation all the way around, set to do good for the sake of doing good anyway should be your motto.

Virgo: During times of stress you sometimes freeze up and do nothing instead let this turn of Mecury going direct help you see that what you have  been striving for is right in front of you or in the realm of ideas you should put into motion to move you to the next levels. Pay attention now subtle signs to show the way.

Libra:  The hour glass is continually coming down this is not a dress rehearsal  or trial run make the best of the situations you find in your  life and realize that time waits for nobody and you too must choose what you truly want in your life as opposed to what society dictates you must . Mecury going direct helps you balance the scales .

 Scorpio: Someone once said you get what you need in the time you need it but once in a great while you get more than you need when you least expect it. This type energetic item is what is about to take place in your life be ground and prepared operate on instincts and lessons learned in the past remember nothing ventured nothing gained

Saggitarius: Begin that new thing you wanted for as long as you can remember it will yield a great harvest as long as you do not forget your in command of your own destiny yet need to maintain humility in all things . Never blow the horn simply do things in a way that does not draw attention to your wins or losses.

Cappricorn: A time for becoming still and rethinking a problem or process that has happen to you will serve triple times over if you recall that you have limitations yet you can overcome these through using your capacity to adapt and change as needed.Nothing will stop the flow once it begins again be steadfast and stay the course.

 Aquarius: Be alert now something is trying to show you the way out of the dark space you may find yourself in and remember that creator works through people too so do not underplay the interaction of others into the scenario of your life. Treat everyone with respect and kindness come out ahead of the game and darkness.

Pisces: Your mind is like a train now rushing down the tracks watch the curves and you come out ahead of the game ... Behave with rational thought is key but determine to stay the course though you do not like it .

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